Saving Dill Seeds: What’s the dill with that?

Saving Dill Seeds - The DIY Minimalist (1)Nothing says summer to me like the taste of fresh dill. Growing up, my mom always grew dill just outside of our back door and it was sprinkled throughout all of our meals. Now that I’m older, I still relish the taste and grow my own dill. However, I have also come to appreciate the plentiful seeds from each plant, which allow me to plant more dill the coming year, but also impart the fresh flavor of dill in my cooking year-round. Fortunately, drying dill seeds is incredibly simple – almost embarrassingly so. To dry your dill seeds, simply do the following:

  1. Clip off the tops of the dill that have gone to seed. I love leaving the flowers on for our pollinator friends!
  2. Wash those buddies! This is especially important if you are an urban gardener like myself.
  3. When the seeds are dry to the touch, I pull the seeds off and lay them flat, either on a cookie sheet or a generously sized tupperware.
  4. When the seeds are completely dry, I store them in a mason jar to be used in cooking, herb salts and pickling!

What are your favorite seeds to save?

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