DIY: Calendula Bath Salt

Calendula Bath Salts - The DIY Minimalist (1)The garden plot I inherited had a calendula plant or two in it the year before I got it. As a result, my plot has quite a few plants. And they are prolific. I currently have an entire shelf dedicated to drying out the flowers I’ve harvested. While I’ve made some body oil with the petals I’ve harvested, I wanted something that I could use right away and was super easy. The solution? Bath Salt! I always have epsom salt on hand for sore muscles, it took me maybe five minutes to throw together. Ready for the instructions?

I put some calendula petals and epsom salt in a jar. Then I shook it!

Now that I write this out, I feel a little silly because it’s so easy but if it inspires someone, it’s totally worth it. In the future, I definitely plan on adding essential oils and ground up oatmeal to up the ante and am definitely considering this for all my holiday gifts. Practical, pretty and pampering? Yes please! Now, back to googling what to do with calendula…

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