Frugal Fun: Hiking

Frugal Fun- Hiking - The DIY MinimalistI once read that folks who are good with their money have hobbies that revolve around doing, not having. While so simple, it felt like a bit of a revelation for me. Fortunately, I’ve found that those hobbies are also the most fulfilling for me, both mentally and physically. One of my favorites is getting out on the trail and getting my hike on. After an initial investment in some good hiking shoes and a hydration pack, I’ve been able to spend countless hours exercising my body and soothing my mind. However, a sturdy pair of sneakers and a water bottle will do the trick! Here are some of my favorite tips for a fun and frugal time on the trail:

Plan ahead: I love using AllTrails to find the perfect trail for my mood. You can sort by distance, difficulty, read reviews and check out pictures of the trail before you commit. You can also filter by features such as wildflowers and views for your dream hike!

Be prepared: Really, does anything taste better than a warm peanut butter and jelly sandwich that’s been smashed in your backpack? It’s always a good idea to bring a snack and plenty of water, as well as a small first aid kit. I’d much rather have the necessities on hand than an emergency. And don’t forget to liberally apply sunscreen!

Let someone know where you’re going: Especially if you are going solo!

and most importantly…

Have fun: Take lots of pictures (if you want) and enjoy being in nature!

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